3 Key Differences Between Electrosurgery & Electrocautery

The terms electrosurgery and electrocautery are frequently confused, even amongst many professionals working in various healthcare related fields. And even though both of these procedures are [...]

Bovie, Cautery and Electrosurgery Shouldn’t Be Confusing

Electrosurgery has been around since 1926, when William T. Bovie, a Harvard PhD first introduced the technique to a colleague who had previously been unsuccessful in removing a tumor from a [...]

The Importance of Electrosurgery Pad Placement on Pacemaker Patients

The first line of the Hippocratic Oath is, “First, do no harm.”  At Bovie Medical, we are committed to medical professionals upholding this rule.  We are here to help you understand [...]

Seven Uses of a High Frequency Desiccator Device

More than eighty years ago, Dr. William Bovie invented a device that generated electrical current for use in surgery. Since then, Bovie, the company has used the science behind his [...]

What You Need to Know About Bipolar vs. Monopolar Electrosurgical Procedures for Your Veterinary Practice

Veterinary surgery has advanced beyond the traditional, conventional techniques, which focused on scalpels, for a myriad of surgical applications. Newer, energy-based techniques [...]

What you Need to Know About Surgical Smoke Plumes

According to a review by the Journal of Hospital Infection, over 500,000 people are exposed to surgical smoke plumes each year.  These smoke plumes can be the byproduct of electrosurgical or [...]

Most Common Uses for Electrosurgery in Dermatology

The same principles that apply to any electrosurgery procedure apply to electrosurgery for dermatology.  The electrosurgical procedure involves using a special device, often simply called a [...]

9 Safety Precautions for Electrosurgery

Electrosurgical units are one of the most common pieces of electrical equipment in an operating room. Although injury from inadvertent energy transfer isn’t frequent, it does happen, so it’s [...]

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