Bovie introduces the ClearSpec Speculum. The only speculum clinically proven to provide complete visualization of the cervix in 3 times as many patients1



  • May help to improve the diagnosis by providing a more complete view of the cervix
  • Improves workflow while decreasing procedure time and patient discomfort due to less need for speculum repositioning
  • Reusable LED illuminator with 2-hours of light with an auto on/off option
  • Illuminator conveniently fits into speculum handle providing light  source with no cords or recharging batteries
  • LED Illuminator is less expensive than traditional rechargeable lights that can accidentally be thrown away

The Choice is Clear



1. Hill et al., Sheathed versus standard speculum for visualization of the cervix. IJGO. 2014; 125:116-120. In this study the investigators were able to visualize the entire cervix in 42 (61.8%) patients when using the sheathed speculum [ClearSpec) compared with 11 (16.4%) patients undergoing standard speculum examination (p<0.0001).

ClearSpec® is a registered trademark of ClearSpec LLC