Bovie Freezpoint



Cryosurgery is a popular treatment for simple skin lesion that can be performed by physicians, in-office. The Bovie Freezpoint is a safer, easier, and colder device, that delivers an improved, low cost per procedure, cryosurgical option. The Freezpoint device is 27% – 62% colder than common multi-use disposable systems. The slim tip design aids in clear visualization of the lesion for precise delivery of -89° C, non-flammable, Nitrous Oxide therapy. The outcome is a very safe and clinically effective treatment with reduced tissue damage to surrounding healthy skin.



CRY8 – 8 gram device

Freezpoint 8g

CRY16 – 16 gram device

CRY16-2* – 16 gram device (2 pack)
*not pictured

Freezpoint 16g

Gas: Nitrous Oxide (N2O)

Temperature: -89° C (-128° F)

Shelf Life: Two years and up to six months after activation