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Bovie Medical... then & now

Bovie Medical today is a leading maker of medical devices and supplies as well as the developer of J-Plasma®, a patented new plasma-based surgical product that has the potential to be a transformational tool for surgeons.

It all began with far simpler technology.

The company was born in the late 1970s as a manufacturer of disposable penlights for the medical industry. The success of this line prompted the development and manufacture of battery-operated, tubular products, with the same type of assembly manufacturing technologies. A new line of cauteries was also a success.

Good design and manufacturing combined with smart marketing and excellent customer service moved the company forward. The company changed its name to Aaron Medical industries in the 1980s and throughout that decade sought continuous improvements in the basic design of the battery-operated cautery.

As Bovie Medical grew, requests from the industry drove Aaron’s design and development teams to manufacture and distribute additional products. Aaron Medical purchased the legendary Bovie name and product line from Maxxim Medical in 1998.

Bovie Medical today sets the standard for surgical center and hospital-based electrosurgical generators and accessories with a full range of state-of-the-art models, the most complete offering of any USA manufactured electrosurgical generator product.

Importantly, Bovie Medical has continued to innovate, determined to remain on the cutting edge of medical technology.

In 1998, the Bovie team had attended a conference in Dusseldorf, Germany, where it came across a plasma-based technology that appeared promising.  Bovie entered into a joint venture agreement to develop and bring the product to market. In 2007, Bovie bought out its partner and continued development on its own.

That product became J-Plasma®, which utilizes a gas ionization process to produce a stable, focused beam of ionized gas that provides surgeons with greater precision, minimal invasiveness and an absence of conductive currents through the patient during surgery. 

Once Bovie took the development of J-Plasma® in-house, the product began coming together. In 2010, the team added J-Plasma’s® retractable blade, which allows it to function as a cutting tool that leaves behind almost no tissue damage. By early 2012, J-Plasma® had received FDA clearance.

As Bovie started putting J-Plasma® into the hands of surgeons, they found new uses for the product beyond those the company had originally envisioned in gynecological and plastic surgery.

Still in the early stages of commercialization, J-Plasma® has the potential to be a transformational product across a wide range of surgical specialties. In early 2014, it is being used in over two dozen facilities across the U.S., as the company lays the foundation for broad-based adoption of J-Plasma® by putting world-class training, sales and marketing programs in place.